Beauty, Order, and Mystery: The Christian Vision of Sexuality

The Center for Pastor Theologians’ 2016 Theology Conference

Calvary Memorial Church, Chicago

October 24-26


The Christian vision for marriage, gender, and sexuality has remained largely unchanged for nearly two millennia. But the cultural landscape in the west has shifted dramatically.  Gender reassignment, co-habitation, no fault divorce, recreational sex, marriage redefinition, the Tinder culture–all of these represent a seismic shift in our culture’s view of marriage, gender, and sexuality. In light of the shifting cultural landscape, the 2016 CPT Conference brings together a diversity of pastoral voices with a view to illuminating and applying the Church’s historic teaching. We invite you to join us.

  • Vincent Bacote

  • Richard J. Mouw

  • Beth Felker Jones

  • Jeremy Treat

  • Denny Burk

  • Wesley Hill

  • Mitch Kim

  • Todd Wilson

  • Amy Peeler

  • John W. Yates III

  • Ernest Gray

  • Dan Brendsel

  • Stephanie Griswold

  • Gerald Hiestand

  • Rebecca Meyer

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