Breakout Papers

Breakout papers at CPT Conference 2018 will cover a variety of topics including trauma, the role of biblical wisdom literature in spiritual formation, theological anthropology, historical portraits, and racial dynamics in counseling and mental health, and more.

Check back soon on this webpage for more detailed information on breakout presentations, including titles and abstracts.



Panel Discussions

Pre Conference: Christian Traditions of Spiritual Formation

Join us for a special pre-conference lecture and panel discussion on spiritual formation across various Christian traditions. What can ministers in Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant learn from one another on this important theological topic?

Panel 1: Models of Counseling

Biblical counseling v. modern psychology: incompatible approaches or a false dichotomy? How does biblical authority relate to recent advances in brain science and soul care?

Panel 2: Trauma and Spiritual formation

How can the church broadly and pastors in particular best care for victims of trauma and abuse, whether sexual, verbal, or physical? How does the gospel address and offer healing the most victimized and vulnerable in human communities?