A Theology Conference. For the Church.

A Theology Conference.

For the Church.


Theological Focus

The CPT Conference is first and foremost a theology conference, part of our mission to seek the theological renewal of the church and the ecclesial renewal of theology in the late modern world.


Ecclesial Emphasis

Theological reflection is most at home in the context of the worshiping community. We are intentional about orienting our conference towards the needs and the edification of local churches. Our hope for our conference is that it will help equip pastors, ministry leaders, students, and academicians for theological leadership in the church.


Church and Academy in Partnership

The CPT Conference seeks to honor the historical tradition of viewing pastors not merely as spectators of theological scholarship, but also essential participants in the work of theology alongside academic theologians.


Broadly Evangelical

Resisting the tribalism that is all too often characteristic of the Evangelical church, the CPT seeks to have our conference represent the diverse traditions within the broader church. We invite and encourage dialogue between differing viewpoints among those who love Jesus and God's revelation in Scripture.


Interdisciplinary Approach

At the CPT we believe that Biblical Studies and Theology should not be done in isolation from other disciplines, vocations, and fields of scientific inquiry. We are intentional about including relevant scientific input as well as artists and ministry practitioners at each year's conference.


Posture of Worship

Theological reflection should never be divorced from worship of the triune God. At the CPT Conference we seek out talented musicians and liturgists who guide our gatherings in corporate worship before each plenary session.