Session One (Tuesday, 10:30-11:30)

“Wendell Berry and the Materiality of Creation” – Stephen Witmer

“Irenaeus, the Devil, and the Goodness of Creation” – Gerald Hiestand

“It All Begins in Genesis: Thinking Theologically about Medicine, Technology, and the Christian Life” – Paige Cunningham

“Creation, New Creation, and the So-called ‘Mission of God'” – John Walton

“Is the World Sacramental? Ontology, Language, and Scripture” – Jeremy Mann

Session Two (Tuesday, 2:30-3:30)

Calendars and Creation: Genesis 1 among Torah’s Calendars” – Michael LeFebvre

“‘If It’s Natural, Do It’? – From Creation to Ethics in 1 Corinthians” – Charles Anderson

“Mere Creation: Ten Affirmations about Creation That Can Unite (Almost) All Christians” – Todd Wilson

“Justice, Creation, and New Creation: In Christ All Things Hold Together” – Kristen Johnson

Panel Discussions (Tuesday, 4:30-5:30)

Creation Care and the Church
Jarrod Longbons (Moderator)
Kristen Page
Greg Forster
Jonathan Huggins
Douglas Estes

Creation and the Arts
Jeremy Mann (Moderator)
Andy Crouch
Tyler Chernesky
Johann Buis
Cherith Lundin

The Historical Adam Question
Todd Wilson (Moderator)
Michael LeFebvre
Hans Madueme
John Walton
Deb Haarsma