The Center for Pastor Theologian’s annual theology conference exists to reconnect theological scholarship and pastoral ministry.

Toward this end, the CPT Theology Conference seeks to facilitate conversations between pastors, academic theologians, lay leaders, and ecclesial theologians, with a view to constructing theological proposals for the betterment of the church and her theology. The 2017 CPT Conference will explore the cluster of topics related to the doctrine of creation, with a view to illuminating and applying the Church’s historic teaching on the beginning, purpose, and eschatological end of the world that God has made.

The doctrine of creation was one of the earliest contested doctrines of the church. The pagan philosophical tradition tended to disregard the value of the material world. The Gnostic sects went further, demonizing the Creator and denigrating materiality. As a consequence, suspicions regarding the goodness of the material world pervaded much of the early Christian tradition. More recently, new questions have emerged regarding human origins and the Darwinian account of evolution. The ancient heresies, as well as the more recent questions of modern science, continue to impact Christian theology — from Christology, to ethics, to anthropology, to eschatology and beyond. All of this calls for careful reflection. We invite you to join us for this important conversation.

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